Southern Delaware presents an idyllic living situation for people of all ages – but it remains particularly popular among retirees, both as a permanent relocation and as a second-home destination.

The perfect location

Sussex County offers an array of options for retirees – whether you’re seeking an active beach life or a secluded, out of the way home farther in-land, you can find it here. Quiet, reserved and gorgeously designed communities are littered throughout the area, and just as many beach communities are located up and down the coast.

Retirement amenities

Delaware provides an number of amenities to its retirees as well, making it a fantastic option for those who are ready for a quieter lifestyle. Property taxes are low, sales taxes don’t exist, seniors can earn extra property tax breaks and a retirement pay exemption can be earned. Combine Sussex County’s universal small town atmosphere with the beautiful beaches, low cost of living and tax-free atmosphere and you’ve got an environment that’s for anyone to turn down.
  • Sussex County Ranks as one of the best places to retire.
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